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Курс іноземної мови і додаткові заняття


Semester Od Do
Winter 2019/2020 2.10.2019 03.02.2020
Summer 2019/2020 26.02.2020 10.06.2020

Important dates in summer semester 2019/20:

03.06.2020 - final test, 08.06.2020 - test results - discussion, 10.06.2020 - end of the course; students receive certificates.

Description of requirements and ECTS credits - see below the table

subject day time room

Polish language class

Mondays and Wednesdays

on lists in the cabinets near the Office of the School




Rooms on lists in the cabinets near the Office of the School

Knowledge about Poland *



room 145

Spelling  class

I Mondays

I 15:45-16:45

room 4/ room under the dean's office


* The "Knowledge about Poland" classe are conducted only in Polish and are adressed to participants whose level of knowledge of the Polish language is at least A2.

Note - dates and times of additional classes are subject to change.

Students participating in the Erasmus program and other international exchange programs can receive ECTS points when the following requirements are met

I. Polish language class  – 6 ECTS
1. regular participation (minimum 54h),
2. provision of two papers (homework),
3. obtaining positive results in the final test (minimum 50%).

Please note (very important)!

Students who do not meet the conditions mentioned in point 1 and 2 will not be able to take the final test. Therefore, they automatically won't receive their grades and credits, and Polish language class will  not be included in the Transcript of Record.

II. Additional classes

  • Knowledge about Poland – 3 ECTS
    regular participation (minimum 22h) and provision of two papers
  • Spelling class  - 1 ECTS
    Regular participation (minimum 22h).

Students who do not meet the conditions listed above will not get grades and ECTS credits for the additional classes.
Those who have to leave before the end of the course, and at the same time wish to take the final test and receive credits, please inform your teacher at least 3 weeks before leaving

Library – another place to lear Polish

On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 14:00h to 18:00h the School library is open for students (room 6, room under the dean's office). It is possible to use a stereo and practice listening comprehension.

On completion of the course the students receive certificates confirming completion of the course at a certain level with results of the final test. The School does not issue any certificates confirming participants’ levels of Polish. As far as this issue is concerned please visit the following website: www.certyfikatpolski.pl and read the relevant information.

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