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Accomodation and catering

46th Summer Course of Polish Language and Culture, 1.07.2020-28.07.2020
30.06.2020 - from the early morning hours - the dorm receives the Summer Course participants. The group leaders will be present at the dormitory and will help in accommodation.
Course participants can stay at  the dormitory beforehand, but only after informing the School about their arrival dates.
Very important:
Accommodation costs before the start date of the course (29.06-30.06.2020) and after the end of the Summer Course (29-30.07.2020) are covered personally by the participants at the dorm’s administration.
Where is the dormitory?
Dom Studencki „Ołówek”
plac Grunwaldzki 30, 50-001 Wrocław
71 328 31 59

The student houses of the University of Wroclaw are located in the city center, from where it is easy to reach the school and other faculties of the university. There is a beautiful park in the area, a swimming pool, and a shopping center with cinema and several restaurants.
Modules at the dormitory
The following accommodation options remain at the disposal of course participants:
1.    Module - 2 + 2 or two double rooms with bathroom and kitchen - bathroom and kitchen shared by 4 people
2.    Module - 1 + 1 or two single rooms with bathroom and kitchen - bathroom and kitchen shared by 2 people
Please note: the number of beds in single rooms is limited; receipt of such a room is related to the date of requesting a single room and sending proof of payment for the course.

What equipment can I find in my room?
Module’s equipment:
•    The kitchen is equipped with a fridge, an electric cooker, a kettle and plastic dishes.
•    Each room has internet access.
•    Students can also use the club, study room, laundry room and other public rooms.
How do I get to the dormitory?
The organizers of the course do not provide transportation to the dormitory from the train station or from the airport.
We provide three meals for the participants: breakfast, lunch (the dinner can be delivered in the form of packages.


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