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Duration and general program basis

Sample Course programme


Lectures and classes

• Language classes are held from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 13.15 - language classes
• Additional language classes - after the lunch break

1. LECTURES (75-80 hours)

• Introduction, consolidation and repletion of language materials. The syllabus is based on textbooks for learning Polish at a given level and textbooks prepared by the teachers of the School.
• The classes are taught in groups at all levels of language proficiency (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 - according to CEFR)


Classes suited for each level A1, A2, B1, B2, C1
• Supplementary activities focused primarily on language skills:
speaking, writing, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, or consolidation of grammar.


• Thematic language classes, lectures, and cultural activities from
13.15 to 14.00 and 15.30-17.00

The most interesting lectures include the following thematic modules
During lectures, the participants of the course broaden their
vocabulary and practice the skill of taking notes from a lecture
(according to the given schemes).
12 hours of language classes, 22 hours of lectures and 6 hours of
lectures during cultural activities
1. Outline of the history of Poland.
2. History of Polish culture.
3. Political and economic changes in Poland after 1989 ..
4. Contemporary Polish cinema.
5. History of Polish Jews.
6. History of religion in Poland.
Sample topics of the lectures. (Note: final topics may be subject to change)

Przykładowe tematy wykładów. (Uwaga: Tematy wykładów mogą ulec zmianie)


Tematy wykładów

 1. Contemporary Polish Language

"Is it easy to be polite in Polish? Language in Polish culture and customs"

2. Outline of Polish history

"The most important dates in Polish history until 1989"

3. History of Polish culture

"Successes, experiences and failures of the past 26 years in Poland"
"Linguistic reflection of systemic and economic transformation"

4. Political and economic changes in Poland after 1989.

„Sukcesy, doświadczenia i porażki ostatnich 26 lat w Polsce”
„Przemiany ustrojowe i ekonomiczne odzwierciedlone w języku”

5. Contemporary Polish cinema

"Contemporary Polish works with video camera"
"Polish film hits of the last decade"

6. History of Polish Jews

 "Jews in Polish literature, art and music.”

7. The history of religion in Poland.

The most beautiful Polish temples. Great figures of the Polish Catholic Church and other faiths.

4. Accompanying program (35 h): - excursions, cultural activities, integration activities

5 hours

History and cultural attractions of Wroclaw.

Tour I

4 hours

Meet the city and find your favorite place.

Tour II

3 hours

Multicultural evening
"Polish festive traditions – regional and national cuisine"

1h Introductory lecture (module Knowledge about Poland)

3 hours

Talent Evening
"How do Poles have fun? When and what are they dancing and singing?"

1h Introductory lecture(module Knowledge about Poland)

4 hours

Cinema under the stars

4h. Pre-screening introductory
lecture (4 x 45 min.) "Polish documentary film and its rank in the world cinema" (module Knowledge about Poland)

8 hours

Polish songs. Sing along with us!

ćwiczenia wymowy polskiej

8 hours Polish comedies. Laugh with us! poszerzanie wsłownictwa

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