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  • Kurs języka i kultury polskiej na zlecenie Fundacji "Ukraina"

Courses ordered by customers

Our School organises various types of courses related to language training and broadly understood knowledge about Poland. Duration of such a course, the number of language instruction hours , topics and the number of lectures depend on course participants' needs and are tailored to their requirements.

 We offer our services related to reserving rooms in hotels, dormitories and rooms for guests and visitors owned by other universities only for ordered courses. A price per one room in a dormitory is between 30 and 40 PLN per night and in guest rooms (kitchen available as well) between 80 and 120 PLN per night. Wroc?aw also has its own rich hotel base comprising hotel of various standards. Prices are between 120 and 300 PLN per night (participants in our courses can be offered discounts).

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