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  1. Candidates should familiarize themselves with all requirements and conditions.
  2. It is necessary to fill in the Application Form carefully.
  3. Required relevant documents should be sent to the address of the School.
  4. The School assesses documentation and the probability of admitting a given candidate.
  5. On acceptance of the documents and the Application Form the School sends its letter of offer helping candidates make a payment for the course in a form of a money transfer.
  6. Once the payment for the Course is made the receipt should be immediately sent by email (sjpkc@uwr.edu.pl)
  7. On receipt of the copy of the abovementioned financial receipt and on confirmation from the University Financial Department on transferring the money to our bank account the School sends its confirmation of admission that helps candidates apply for a Polish visa.
  8. One should contact a relevant RP Consulate unit, present the confirmation of admission and start applying for the visa.
  9. Students should plan their arrivals in Wrocław for the last week of September as University dormitories do not accept students in earlier periods.
  10. Arrival in Wrocław: one should inform the School on his / her arrival minimum one week prior to a planned arrival date.

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