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Language trainers

Majority of language trainers employed by our School are research workers from the Institute of Polish Philology who acquired their enormous experience in the area of teaching Polish as a foreign language both on courses organised throughout Poland and at universities all over the world. The trainers working for the School are well prepared to teach in multicultural and multinational groups. Such an activity requires perfect professional background but also good pedagogic skills and experience. They gathered such experience among others while running the course for immigrants “Integration through language tuition INTI”. It was organised under the EU project aimed at preparation of a language course model for immigrants common in the whole Europe. Majority of the trainers have also worked at Universities in China, USA, Italy, Germany and France, teaching Polish there and giving lectures devoted to the history and culture of Poland.
They are authors of both programmes for learning Polish and books (see: our books).
Lectures accompanying all our language courses are given both by research workers from the University of Wrocław and by external experts in relevant fields.
Other language teachers are Polish philology graduates specialising in “Teaching Polish as a foreign language”.

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